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Cell Phone Video Surveillance Solution

October 27th, 2010 Software

Cell Phone Video Surveillance Solution. Wireless telephone video security answer is here adding a way of private security and safety it offers you real-time video monitoring.

Wireless telephone video surveillance answer This technology utilizes the foremost powerful software applications for remotely monitoring from anywhere within the globe.

This is an answer that may flip any average movable into a high finish surveillance device.

The surveillance system brings video from video supply like USB or IP Camera to your mobile phone. It contains each the consumer and server application. You can hook up with your area, business, babysitter, parents, pets, etc.

You can watch on-line snapshots from your cameras on mobile phone through any quite on-line affiliation from any location within the world. In case of intrusion, a true image helps forestall false alarm and cancel police dispatches to avoid the fines.

Enjoy the freedom of viewing all of your cameras on mobile phone anytime and from everywhere with simply the clicking of a button.

How will mobile surveillance work:
You connect your webcam (USB, IP camera, or Camcoder) to your home laptop and install the appliance.
The software records video and sound from camera and sends it, as compressed media stream, to internet server.
You login to the current internet server from your movable and watch your webcam.
No special application for your mobile phone is critical.

All relating to cellular video security. Easy Home Surveillance.

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